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Product Recall Notice for February 1st, 2021

Product Safety Recall for Wahl Deluxe Heat Therapy Massager

HIRSC - Hawaii Island (Holualoa) Team

Wahl Clipper Corporation is voluntarily recalling all Deluxe Heat Therapy Massagers, Model 4212. Discontinue use immediately. The connection between the massager and heat attachment can overheat causing smoke or spark, which may pose a fire hazard. The image below shows the area where smoke or sparks may appear.

If you own a Deluxe Heat Therapy Massager, call us at 800-767-9245 or email at We will facilitate the free return of your unit in exchange for a full refund plus an additional $10 for this inconvenience. Your safety is important to Wahl Clipper Corporation. If you have any questions concerning this voluntary product recall, please contact us.


HIRSC Team has confirmed a handful of units were sold in Hawai'i, however, the company was not able to exactly give the demographics on where the units were delivered too.

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