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Puna Information Update for April 15th, 2019

The Hawaii Fire Department (HFD) along with the Ocean Safety Divisions Lifeguard Jet Ski team and Hawaii Police Department (HPD) responded drowning that occurred in the area of Kehena Beach in Puna on Sunday Afternoon (April 14th).

The initial call came in just before 2:20pm Sunday Afternoon and crews from the Pahoa and Waiakea (Rescue Company 2) along with Jet Ski 1 (Pohoiki), Chopper 1, and Battalion 1 responded to scene at Kehena Beach. Upon arrival of HFD crews, bystanders reported male victim had been overcomed by high surf and rough ocean conditions offshore of Kehena Beach. Once crews arrived on scene, they began a search of the immediate area by air, land, and water, where the male victim was last seen.

Male victim was not immediately located by HFD crews at first arrival, was later located by Jet Ski 1 team near turbulent and rocky shoreline near Kehena Beach. Chopper 1 lowered a Fire Rescue Specialist in a Billy Pugh net where they recovered the male victim, who was found unresponsive/with no signs of life, and brought back to shore to awaiting HFD Medics where they began life-saving measures. They later determined the male victim was DOA (Dead on Arrival) and turned the scene to over to HPD for further investigation.

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