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Puna Information Update for January 15th, 2021

The Hawaii Police Department (HPD) remains at the scene of an apparent standoff/weapons incident in the Nanawale Estates subdivision that was first reported Thursday afternoon (January 14th).

Published by: HIRSC - Hawaii Island (Holualoa) Team

The Hawaii Police Department (HPD) along with the Hawaii Fire Department (HFD) remain at the scene of an apparent standoff/weapon incident at a residence in the Nanawale Estates subdivision in Pahoa that was first reported Thursday afternoon (January 14th).

The initial report came around 2:20 pm Thursday afternoon and HPD Officers from the Puna Patrol along with SRT (Special Response Team) and HFD Crews from the Pahoa Fire Station responded to the scene located at an address off of Plumeria Street in the Nanawale Estates subdivision.

Based on preliminary details from HPD is that a male party (general age was not given) with a weapon (weapon type and caliber was not disclosed) in hand had barricaded himself in a residence off of Plumeria Street in the Nanawale Estates subdivision and HPD Patrol and SRT Officers were speaking with the male party from the street-side outside the residence and via cell phone. Surrounding residences were evacuated as a precaution.

HFD crews were called to the scene to be on standby after a threat of fire (or setting one) was made, however, it's unknown at this time if there was an incident of fire started at the residence. HFD Medics still remain at the scene on standby.

As of 8:30 am Friday morning (January 15th), HPD SRT and Patrol Officers still at the scene and continue negotiating with the male party in the residence for a safe and peaceful resolution.

Events or circumstances prior to and that lead to the standoff situation were not immediately disclosed by HPD officials, as that investigation is still ongoing.

This incident is still ongoing and will provide updates as it becomes available.

As a friendly reminder, while we do understand that everyone wants to know what is happening (and the stress/anxiety is causing some) and sharing information on the police-sensitive incident occurring, however, please be mindful/careful of the information (witnessed or heard over the scanner) and photos from the scene you share publicly. That information could inadvertently put HPD and HFD personnel in danger at the scene.

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