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Puna Information Update for May 12th, 2020

$30,000 worth of Essential equipment used by Hawaii Fire Department (HFD) - Ocean Safety Lifeguards was stolen from Isaac Hale (Pohoiki) Beach Park storage container early Monday morning (May 10th).

Courtesy of HFD

Published By: HIRSC - Hawaii Island (Hilo) Team


The Hawaii Fire Department (HFD) reports essential equipment used by Ocean Safety Division Lifeguards at Isaac Hale (Pohoiki) Beach Park was stolen early Monday morning (May 10th) from a storage container at the park.

The first report came in at 5:00 am Monday morning from a security guard arriving to work at Pohoiki Beach Park witnessing two male suspects escaping using the Polaris UTV loaded with the other stolen equipment.

HFD Deputy Fire Chief Lance Uchida and Assistant Fire Chief Darwin Okinaka say the following items were stolen from the Lifeguards Storage Container:

  • Polaris 500 UTV

  • 2 Physio-Lifepak 1000 AED's

  • 1 Motorola APX 6000 portable handheld radio

  • 1 Rescue Board

  • 1 yellow spine board with orange straps

  • 200' length of heavy-duty rescue rope.

The value of the equipment stolen from Pohoiki Beach Park totals $30,000. These items were an integral part of Ocean Safety Lifeguard Services used to protect the beachgoers and also the community. The loss also significantly more when it comes to someone's life at stake.

With the loss of the Polaris 500 UTV, Lifeguards at Pohoiki Beach Park are unable to safely launch and retrieve the Jet Ski used to service the Lower Puna coastline, putting lives at stake and hampering services at Pohoiki Beach Park. The loss has also caused the HFD to reassign the Jet Ski (Rescue Craft) to other beaches in Hilo, leaving the Lower Puna coastline without the Rescue Craft, Rescue Company personnel from the Waiakea Fire Station will now have to conduct any significant ocean search and rescue operations that arise along that coastline.

This is such an unfortunate and extremely disappointing incident.

Since the incident was first reported, it has gained high social media traffic over the past 24 hours and the public is being ask to be vigilant.

If anyone has information or the whereabouts the equipment stolen on Monday morning is being asked to call the Hawaii Police Department (HPD).

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