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South Kohala Informational Update for June 2nd, 2019

Shark Sighting causes a brief closure of Mau'umae, Kauna'oa, and Hapuna Beaches.

The Hawaii Fire Department (HFD) along with Ocean Safety Lifeguards and Jet Ski team responded to investigate a shark sighting in the area of Mau'umae Beach in South Kohala Sunday morning (June 2nd).

The initial call came in just after 11:40 am Sunday morning and HFD Chopper 2 along with Jet Ski 2 from Hapuna Beach State Park responded to the area to investigate the sighting and upon survey of the immediate area discovered a shark approximately 8 to 10 foot in length and described to be a tiger shark swimming along the shoreline near Mau'umae Beach.

Shark was swimming south along the coast and later discovered outside of Hapuna Beach State Park around 12:10 pm Sunday afternoon, which led to a brief closure of the beach and surrounding beaches and waters until 2 pm Sunday afternoon when a second flyover of the area was scheduled and to determine if the beach was safe for reopening.

It was later determined the tiger shark spotted earlier by HFD and Ocean Safety personnel was swimming out into deep waters and Ocean Safety personnel have since reopened Hapuna Beach and surrounding waters and beaches to the public.

No injuries or bites were reported from this sighting.

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