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South Kona Information Update # 2 for August 20th, 2019

26-year-old Female suffers serious injuries following a shark attack in Kealakekua Bay Tuesday morning (August 20th).

The Hawaii Fire Department (HFD) along with Ocean Safety, Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR), and the Hawaii Police Department (HPD) responded to an apparent shark attack that occurred in waters of Kealakekua Bay Tuesday morning (August 20th).

The initial call came just after 8:00 am and crews from the Captain Cook Fire Station along with Battalion 2, Chopper 1, and Jet Ski 2 (Ocean Safety) team responded to the scene at Kealakekua Bay.

Upon the arrival of HFD crews, bystanders and witnesses reported a 26-year-old female, who was swimming in waters offshore of Napo'opo'o Beach when she was bitten/attacked by a shark (that is currently being described as a tiger shark approximately 10ft in length). Bystanders brought the female back to shore shortly after the attack occurred and provided basic medical care for injuries until HFD crews arrived on scene. The female's injuries were described as being traumatic, but non-life threatening injuries to her lower hip and back region.

Once HFD crews arrived on scene, they immediately took over medical care and transported the 27-year-old female to the Kona Community Hospital in serious condition. HFD and HPD officials reported that female is expected to recover and be released from the hospital.

HFD Chopper 1 conducted an aerial survey of the bay and Jet Ski 2 also patrolled the water to warn all patrons to stay out of the water until further notice. Due to the attack, 17 people along kayaks at Ka'awaloa Flats were shuttled safely back to Napo'opo'o Pier as a precaution.

Kealakekua Bay shoreline and surrounding waters will remain closed until tomorrow afternoon, when HFD is scheduled to conduct another assessment of the area. DLNR has also posted shark warning signs along the shoreline of Kealakekua Bay and at the Captain Cook Monument and will remain up until the all clear has been given.

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