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Utah Information Update for May 15th, 2019

Runway at St. George Regional Airport (SGU) in St. George, Utah will be closed from May 29th to September 26th, 2019

SGU will be closed to repair the runway, which has expansive blue clay close to the surface. 5,400 feet of the runway will be removed and excavated to a depth of 17 feet to remove the blue clay. A five-foot-deep clay plug will then be placed in the bottom of the excavated area (similar to the clay liners in landfills) to prevent moisture from reaching the ground under the runway. Then at two feet below the surface, a water impermeable membrane will be placed in an area 7,000 feet long by 650 feet wide, to further prevent water from getting into the soils.

Has construction begun on the Runway Project?

Yes. Phase I has begun. The contractor, JP Excavating, is on-site at the airport excavating material and creating suitable fill which will be used under the new runway as part of the stable base. Removal of this material will allow the airport to add additional hangers in the future.

How long will it take to complete the Runway Project?

Phase I, the creation of fill material, is a 45 day contract and will be finished about the first week of June. Phase II, the removal and replacement of the runway, will start May 29 and this contract is for 120 working days with completion by September 26, 2019.

How many hours a day will the contractor be working starting May 29?

The contractor will have two crews each working an 11 hour shift, Monday through Friday with weekend work added as needed to complete the project on time.

Will the airport be closed to all aircraft traffic?

No. Helicopters will still be able to operate into the airport. The airport will be closed to all fixed wing aircraft.

Will I still be able to access and work on my airplane in my hangar?


Will any of the flights be moved to Cedar City?

At this time SkyWest and Delta have said that they may move some additional SGU to SLC flights to Cedar City. Please check with Delta or SkyWest for additional information.

Can I still leave my car in the paid Parking lot at SGU during the closure?

No. Please remove your vehicles from the parking lot after the 29th, as the parking area will be getting resurfaced and re-painted.

Who can I call for additional information?

Please call (435) 627-4080 for additional information.

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