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Waikoloa Village Information Update # 2 for July 3rd, 2019

07-03-19 Single engine Cessna emergency landing on Waikoloa Road

Hawaiʻi Police Department South Kohala District Lieutenant Robert P. Pauole Phone: 887-3080 Report No. 19-052867

Responding to a 10:36 a.m. call on Waikoloa Road near the 4 mile marker, South Kohala Patrol Officers determined that a single engine Cessna 206 Stationair, owned by William Aerial & Mapping, made an emergency landing after losing power. 

The Cessna 206 struck a traffic sign, which redirected the plane off the roadway and down a 25 foot embankment on the West side of the roadway.  The pilot and co-pilot, who were the only occupants, were uninjured during the emergency landing.  

Further questions can be directed to Eric Gomez of William Aerial & Mapping at (512) 902-7670.

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