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La'aloa Information Update for January 30th, 2020

La'aloa (Magic Sands) Beach Park was temporarily closed due to a shark sighting late Thursday afternoon (January 30th).

The Hawaii Fire Department (HFD) Ocean Safety Lifeguards along with Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) DOCARE Officers responded to report of a shark sighting offshore of La'aloa (Magic Sands) Beach Park in Kailua-Kona Thursday afternoon (January 30th).

The sighting was reported just after 4:00 pm and Ocean Safety Lifeguards at La'aloa Beach Park. Lifeguards spotted an approximate 4 to 6-foot reef shark swimming in waters offshore of La'aloa Beach.

Shortly after confirming the sighting, Lifeguards closed the surrounding waters around La'aloa Beach Park as a precaution. They also began warning beachgoers to stay out of the water and also posted shark sighting signs at the beach.

One of our HIRSC team moderators, who was at the beach at the time of the sighting say Ocean Safety Lifeguards were very polite and also calm when reaching out to beachgoers and advising them to say out of the water due to the reef shark spotted offshore near the beach. Lifeguards immediately after getting patrons out of the water, posted warning signs and were continuing to monitor conditions as our HIRSC moderator left the beach just before sunset. Based on what our HIRSC moderator heard and confirmed it was a reef shark just under 6-feet in length and just was swimming and hang around the reef outside of the beach. Lifeguards had closed the waters as a precaution and say they'll check conditions again Thursday evening and Friday morning, as lifeguards were scheduled to go off-duty at 4:45 pm.

No updates or further details were disclosed on the status of La'aloa Beach Park as of 6:15 pm Thursday afternoon.

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