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West Hawaii Beach Closure for June 16th, 2019

Shark Sighting causes the Closure of La'aloa Beach Park for Next 2 hours.

La'aloa Beach Park

The Hawaii Fire Department (HFD) along with Ocean Safety Lifeguards investigated a report of a shark sighting offshore of La'aloa (known locally as Magic Sands) Beach Park Sunday morning (June 16th).

The initial report came in at 11:35 am Sunday morning and crews from the Keauhou Fire Station responded to scene at La'aloa Beach Park. Per the reports from Lifeguard Station 22 at La'aloa Beach Park, reported seeing a shark approximately 100 yards from shore and was last spotted near the reef outside of La'aloa.

Shark was reported to be a Tiger shark approximately 8-10 feet in length.

Once HFD crews and Chopper 2 arrived on scene, they immediately began investigation of the surrounding waters offshore of La'aloa Beach Park.

At 12:00 pm, Lifeguards at La'aloa had advised all beachgoers and swimmers to stay out of the water and had since closed to beach until a second aerial survey of the waters offshore of La'aloa is conducted at 2:00 pm.

No one was injured as result of this shark sighting.

We will update you as results of the second aerial survey is completed.

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