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West Hawaii Beach Closure Update # 2 for August 1st, 2019

La'aloa (Magic Sands) Beach Park has reopened after a Shark Sighting Thursday morning (August 1st).

La'aloa Beach Park

The Hawaii Fire Department (HFD) Ocean Safety Lifeguards along with Chopper 1 and the Hawaii Police Department (HPD) responded to La'aloa (Magic Sands) Beach Park in Kailua-Kona after a report of a shark sighting Thursday morning (August 1st).

The initial call came in at 8:27 am and Lifeguards at La'aloa Beach along with HPD Kona patrol officers were on scene at La'aloa Beach Park investigating the reported sighting of an approximate 10-12 foot shark (unknown species) offshore of La'aloa Beach.

Lifeguards as a precaution had temporarily closed La'aloa Beach Park for 2 hours and Shark Sighting signs were posted until reassessment of the waters was completed. Lifeguards also warned swimmers to stay out of the water until the all clear was given. Chopper 1 conducted an aerial survey of the surrounding waters and shoreline around 10:00 am Thursday morning and came up with negative findings.

Shortly thereafter, Lifeguards at La'aloa Beach Park reopened the beach to park goers around 10:30 am Thursday morning.

No injuries or bites were reported from the shark sighting.

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