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West Hawaii Scanner Feed Notice

Important Prolonged Outage Notice

HIRSC team would like to inform listeners that our West Hawaii Scanner Feed will go down for a prolonged amount of time (approximately 2-5 days, depending on repairs and/or replacement to arrive) while HIRSC team works to troubleshoot a firmware and CPU issue that arose Sunday evening with the current scanner online for West Hawaii.

The current issue is causing transmissions to be missed entirely and also causing some transmissions to abruptly cut in mid-conversation.

Our contingency plan at this time is transferring operations to another digital scanner in the interim while the HIRSC team works to correct the problem with our current scanner.

However, that replacement is scheduled to arrive in the coming days and the switch will take some time to happen.

We do ask for everyone's patience and understanding while that does happen and apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.

Should major events come up, we will update our website's scanner log to keep everyone up to date on incidents ongoing through the days the scanner is offline.

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