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West Hawaii Scanner Feed Notice

Radio Upgrade/Interior Installation work has been completed, however, exterior equipment installation has been further postponed due to weather (heavy rainfall) and anticipate completion by end of the week (October 25th - Targeted).

The HIRSC - Hawaii Island team has been working hard behind the scenes to upgrade and install new radio over the last couple of days and has completed the major work (interior installation of the new radio and equipment).

Unfortunately, due to the weather (moderate to heavy rainfall) that has happened over the last couple of days, the Hawaii Island team was not able to complete the wiring and install of the antenna associated with the new radio unit that will support the feed beginning next month.

During the postponement, Scanner originally used has been temporarily set up to provide the feed while we work to complete the upgrade. The reception of certain areas/districts will be limited through the end of the week as well.

Team has targeted tomorrow afternoon to restart the exterior work and hopes to have all work done by the end of the week at the latest, weather permitting. While exterior work is being completed, users will notice feed go silent or offline for brief periods of time. Scanner feed outages are anticipated and may happen with little to no warning.

Many of our followers and listeners are aware we have made a couple of major updates over the last year. Those changes were made with new scanners that hit the market and were apart of our trial (testing process) to provide feedback. With this radio upgrade, this radio will be the permanent unit providing feed beginning in November 2019 and will not be touched or changed out once work has been completed.

The HIRSC team does truly apologize for the inconvenience that the outages are causing and would like to thank everyone (listeners and followers) for your continued patience and understanding during this process.

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