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West Hawaii Scanner Feed Notice for December 25th, 2020

HIRSC Team on Hawaii Island begins repairs on rooftop antenna and equipment damaged by used illegal firework shell on Christmas Eve evening (Thursday, December 24th) and gives an outage update when feed will be restored.

HIRSC - Administration and Moderating Team


The HIRSC - Hawaii Island Team on the morning of Christmas (Friday, December 25th) repairs to rooftop antenna and wiring damaged following a used illegal aerial firework shell landed on the rooftop setup at our HIRSC Administrator and Founder home at 9:55 pm on Christmas Eve evening (Thursday, December).

Following first light on Christmas, HIRSC Administrator along with the moderator from Kailua-Kona and Kamuela did a further assessment of the damage caused and found the damage to be more extensive than first thought following the incident/initial assessment conducted yesterday evening.

The shell also caused damage to HIRSC Administrator's personal rooftop solar system panel as well as following the damage to the external antenna and wiring. The team worked to try to salvage components and use spare parts on hand to temporarily get the antenna back up, however, damage to a special connector from wiring to the base of the antenna was too severe.

The scanner antenna and equipment damaged was recently purchased back in August 2020 by our administrator. This same antenna was also connected to and used for GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service)/FRS (Family Radio Service) and Marine Base Radios, which our HIRSC Administrator uses to communicate with others (including a few of our HIRSC Team Members) during certain events or on a personal basis.

Our administrator and team members were able, during the holiday, to complete repairs to the solar panel damaged (as he had a spare on hand) and begun to layout new wiring and installing the mount for the new external antenna, currently on order from the mainland (Grand Junction, Colorado).

Based on discussions with the manufacturer/shop builder for the company we have ordered the antenna from earlier this afternoon, they anticipate the antenna to fully built/tested and shipment to be made on early Thursday, December 31st being shipped to Hawaii Island via a United Cargo (United Airlines Flight destined for Kona) by later that afternoon. Coordination work is happening between our Moderating team in Grand Junction, Colorado, and the Hawaii Island team to ensure all equipment comes in safely and in good working order.

However, for the safety of our HIRSC Team due to the New Year's Eve holiday festivities most likely be underway, all components and antenna will be installed/tested on Friday, January 1st, 2021, and West Hawaii Scanner Feed to be restored on that Friday evening (no exact time was given).

The team had looked at temporary alternative sites to stream the feed to cover the West Hawaii districts in Kailua-Kona and Kalaoa via our other moderating team members, however, out of respect for their families and personal reasons have elected not to pursue that.

We apologize for the outage and inconvenience that this is creating with our followers of the HIRSC media platforms. Thank everyone for their continued patience and understanding during this process.

As a side note, the HIRSC Team does not get compensated in any way for broadcasting the scanner feed in West Hawaii and this is solely a volunteer operation/community service we provide to everyone. All equipment purchased for the feed is solely purchased out of pocket by our team members. This is the second incident in which a used illegal firework shell had damage external equipment, however, occurring at a different location in Kailua-Kona back in 2019.

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