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West Hawaii Scanner Feed Notice for June 13th, 2020

HIRSC Team announces the official termination/silenced of West Hawaii Scanner Broadcastify Feed effective Saturday evening (June 13th). However, we are in the process of converting over to a new platform coming soon.

Published by: HIRSC - Administration and Legal Team

The HIRSC Team is officially announcing that effective 11:00 pm Saturday evening (June 13th), the current West Hawaii Scanner Feed broadcast through Broadcastify will be officially terminated/silence for good.

However, the HIRSC team is currently exploring other broadcasting avenues at this time and the possibility of activating a scanner feed on a new platform in the coming months. We will provide an update when we are ready to activate the new platform.

It was not an easy decision to make, however, HIRSC Team made the decision based on the following:

  • Stability Utilities: While utility (Network and Electrical) issues plagued the scanner feed constantly in the past, it became cumbersome for our HIRSC - Hawaii Island team to consistently restore and maintain as well behind the scenes.

  • Cost of Equipment and Utilities: With the age of digital radio scanners, the cost to stay ahead of the new changes coming was also becoming cumbersome and also hard financial for our team to invest in equipment. While many have asked in what way can they contribute or donate to help with expenses (such as utility bills, etc) related to the feed, we elected to not accept donations or contributions to help with expenses as we are not considered a non-profit organization and also chosen to cover those expenses in-house.

  • Ethical Dilemma: With recent major or critical incidents, the use of the information heard on the scanner during those events, has become somewhat of a grey area for our team over the past couple of years. While our team cannot control what the public hears from the scanner later shared over social media, it became an ethical and also legal dilemma for our team as well.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause for many and if the public or community needs help with confirming an incident/events, you're are welcome to message or email the team and will do our best to provide information as it becomes available.

The end of the West Hawaii Scanner Feed will not affect operations in any way, as our team will have a private scanner feed server still in operations and continuing to monitor events/incidents around the island. The HIRSC Team will continue to do our normal operations (such as information updates on incidents/events, maintaining our media platforms, scanner programming/equipment training, etc.).

Thank you to everyone for your continued support and understanding through this decision.

We know we may lose some of our supporters with this decision, however, we are looking ahead to the future ahead for our team.

If anyone is interested in hosting the scanner feed through Broadcastify, please feel free to message us and will be happy to assist those with the process and also getting equipment installed and up and running.

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