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West Hawaii Scanner Feed Notice for May 30th, 2020

HIRSC Statement on the status of West Hawaii Scanner Feed

HIRSC - Administration and Legal Team



The HIRSC Team is giving our followers and listeners notice that our West Hawaii Scanner Feed can be taken offline should such similar events arise in West Hawaii transpiring from the events that occurred in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and in other major U.S. Cities. The scanner feed will be restored once events have settled down.

This decision was made based on past events, where information broadcasted from the scanner feed was improperly used and members on social media were providing play-by-play details, compromising the safety of first responders and the public. Should our Administration and Moderating team discover such information being used/published once again on social media, the HIRSC Team reserves the right to take our feed offline.

We do not want to get to that point and ask everyone to adhere to the following rules:

  • During events of police situations (such as manhunts, hostage, a missing person, and other police sensitive situations): DO NOT tweet or post police movements during that time to protect the first responders at the scene or responding to the scene.

  • During events of serious, critical, or fatal incidents (including vehicle accidents, rescues, medical, and public incidents): Please DO NOT tweet or post moment by moment events happening at the scene or information related to that incident (including graphic details) and ask everyone to be sensitive to the situation that is ongoing and to the potential victims at the scene. This will ensure the effected families are properly notified of the incident by authorities.

We ask for everyone’s cooperation and understanding during these events.

Also as a result of events happening, the following items have been temporarily discontinued:

  • Scanner Blotter (Weekly): No updates will be provided until further notice

  • Scanner Log: No public updates will be made to the log and will not be available for the Public and members to view.

As a result of the events happening and also in accordance with Broadcastify terms and policy, the following talkgroups on the scanner will not be broadcast or aired:

  • All Law Enforcement Tactical and Special Operations Channels

We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause our listeners and once again thank everyone for the cooperation in this manner.


HIRSC - Administration and Legal Team

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