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West Hawaii Scanner Feed Notice for October 13th, 2020

HIRSC Team announces a planned prolonged outage for the West Hawaii Scanner Feed is scheduled to take place on Tuesday Night, October 13th, 2020.

A new addition site is coming to the calls platform, the discussion is beginning on the future of traditional feed.

Published by: HIRSC - Administration Team


The HIRSC Team - Hawaii Island is announcing that planned prolonged outage for the scanner feed for both the Broadcastify Calls (Node 200: Moanuiahea Site) and traditional scanner feed (open to the public) is scheduled to take place Tuesday evening (October 13th). The prolonged outage is necessary to allow the team to successfully complete computer software updates and also tie in the addition of a new site to the Broadcastify Calls Platform. The new site being added is Papa Bay Estates (Ohia Mil), Node: 399.

The outage will occur from the following time period: Tuesday evening (October 13th) from 9:30 pm to 11:30 pm

This addition will help prevent repetition or duplicate calls with the current setup we have in place. Both will run under the same software (SDRTrunk) and will continue simulcast onto the traditional feed following the completion of computer upgrades and feed has been restored.

During the outage, HIRSC Team on Hawaii Island will be testing new site setups for Hilo and Puna (Targeting to cover the Pepe'ekeo and Kulani Cone sites) in preparation to connect new sites to the Broadcastify Calls Platform (Targeted to happen in early 2021).

We apologize for the inconvenience and will do our best to provide updates on major events or incidents that should occur during the outage.

Future of the Broadcastify Traditional Feed:

HIRSC Team in the next few weeks will be discussing the future of the traditional feed for West Hawaii, as popularity for the Broadcastify Calls has grown and more and more users are utilizing the new services and listeners have given very positive input on the switch to the new system. Again, the decision on the future of the traditional feed will be announced within the next month.

We know in the past our team has been going back and forth with this similar discussion in the past, however, the decision our team makes on the future of the feed will be the final and official.

The decision will be related to a few of our Hawaii Island team members relocating to the U.S. Mainland to be closer to family and will be joining the Utah and Colorado teams, still apart of the HIRSC Team, however, will be unable to maintain the feed once relocated away from Hawaii Island.

Those interested in the software (SDRTrunk) the HIRSC Team uses, please message for more details and how to get it setup. (Note: Does require experienced computer coding and programming knowledge)

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