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West Hawaii Scanner Notice for January 2nd, 2021

The HIRSC Team is continuing to investigate an apparent theft of equipment that leads to another outage of West Hawaii Scanner Feed on Saturday evening (January 2nd).

Published by: HIRSC - Moderating Team


2021 may have started off well for many, however, the second day of 2021 already has turned out to be a bad one for the HIRSC Team in West Hawaii.

The HIRSC Team is continuing to investigate an apparent theft of ground equipment that occurred on Saturday evening (January 2nd) at the location of where our West Hawaii Scanner Feed is broadcasted from (the exact location is being withheld for safety and privacy reasons).

The team was notified of a sudden outage of the West Hawaii Feed at 8:25 pm Saturday evening via an email message and at the same time of receiving that notification, a team member also received a multiple motion detection alert from security cameras surround the property. Upon receipt of that message and alerts, HIRSC Team Member immediately responded to the location of the feed and began a perimeter/property check.

During checks, they discovered a ground equipment lockbox had been tampered with and multiple SDR (Software Defined Radio) dongles connected to a USB Hub Station were taken, and wiring connectors, as well as a lightning grounding wire, connected to the SDR dongles, were all cut. Immediately after the discovery, the team member continued to further investigated the property and found that no entry was made into the residence or any other items were taken during the incident. No foot or fingerprints were found around the location of the lockbox.

Continuing with our investigation, Other team members (including an administrator) in West Hawaii arrived shortly after and reviewed the security camera footage, they found several individuals were seen on the property and leaving the area on foot in different directions during the same time as the outage occurred timestamped in the email message. We were not able to get a definitive description of all parties involved as they were dressed in a black hoodie with black pants and shoes, wearing work gloves with their face being obscured by masks and sunglasses.

The HIRSC Team has elected not to file a police report relative to the theft as the value of the SDR dongles, USB Hub Station, and connectors damaged was less than $100. The team does not have spare equipment on hand or on the island and will need to order/purchase equipment in the coming days.

This means that West Hawaii Scanner Feed will be offline until further notice, pending a decision to be made by HIRSC Team sometime on Sunday (January 3rd).

We apologize for the inconvenience (once again) that this causing many and will do our best to provide updates on major incidents.

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