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West Hawaii Scanner Notice for January 9th, 2021

The HIRSC Team provides updates on projects related to scanner feeds.

Published by: HIRSC - Administration and Moderating Team


Aloha Everyone,

First of all, we would once again like to thank everyone for their continued support over the last 3 years and counting, we truly could not do all the projects without everyone. Anyways our HIRSC Administration and Moderating Team has provided the following updates on projects ongoing behind the scenes and also related to the scanner feeds.

West Hawaii Scanner Feed on Broadcastify Calls Platform:

The HIRSC Team continues to conduct tests on the Broadcastify Calls platform and so far running very well, however, the team has ordered more equipment to handle the volume related to the number of transmissions received. That equipment is expected to arrive on January 11th and 10th, once installed and online, the Broadcastify Calls platform will be running 24/7/365 and will be continued to be maintained by HIRSC - West Hawaii Team.

Just a friendly reminder, Broadcastify requires a premium membership in order to access the platform. (This is not in our control and terms/policies are set by Broadcastify and RadioReference, LLC). Also, not accessible through any scanner applications at this time and only through web browsers only.

West Hawaii Scanner Feed Audio Platform (or Traditional Services):

After a lot of feedback from not only the West Hawaii community and also the Island of Hawaii community members requesting for us to continue the West Hawaii Scanner Feed (or Traditional In-Audio Services). Although our team has stand firm by its decision to let another group or party take over the scanner feed, however, the HIRSC Team after a lot of discussions that took place on January 7th and 8th, the team is willing to take back over the traditional scanner feed, however, will take some time for us to restore and should have it restored by January 14th or 15th, following the arrival of equipment.

This scanner feed will be direct audio/traffic picked up from Whistler TRX-2 Base/Mobile Scanner and not simulcast from the same platform used for the calls due to technical issues encountered during the test and will continue to resolve the issues related to simulcast patch/link and will revisit that avenue once everything has stabilized. Also as a note, that this feed will not broadcast talkgroup information, it does require a lot of work behind the scenes for the team to get that running.

That scanner feed will open to the public to access on any scanner application without a membership.

OpenMHZ Platform Template/Look

OpenMHZ Feed for West Hawaii and Hawaii Island:

The HIRSC Team is currently working with the developer of OpenMHZ (another scanner platform) and seeing if we can get that feed online within the next few months. It's currently a challenge that will require a lot of hard work and effort for our team to get online and running smoothly. Another challenge is to install and operate another decoding software, currently different from the one being used for Broadcastify. The current goal is to get the West Hawaii Region online and then move to get other sites online around Hawaii Island (we are looking at a total of 5 sites, which will cover the whole island). This is a long-term project and will provide updates as major accomplishments are made.

This platform once online will be free and open to the public.

HIRSC Team Broadcasting Platform (Possible HIRSC Shop/Hub):

The HIRSC Team is also in the development stages and about 65% complete on getting this platform on a prototype stage and testing underway within the next 2 months. We are awaiting server equipment to be ordered and delivered. This platform will be run solely by the HIRSC Team through our website and would not require the use of other third-party platform servers to operate. We are also looking to tie-in a phone application that would work with the setup as well (that project has not yet been started, pending the outcome of the broadcast platform).

This project does require a lot of equipment and also space, thus also why our team is seeking a secured office space (focusing our search within Kaloko or Kohanaiki areas) to not only house our equipment but also be our hub for the Hawaii Island team to meet and gather in many situations.

That site would also be the future location of possibly establishing a small hobby shop which would include small electronic equipment/supplies, scanners, radios, and other items related to the scanner hobby. That is still in the works (negotiations with certain companies and securing inventory) and will officially announce once that becomes fruition.

We will continue to work on the broadcasting platform and will make an announcement when available to the public.

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