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Whistler Scanner Product Information Update

As of April 5th, 2019, Whistler Group has announced they are discontinuing their research and product development of the TRX-100 (Handheld) and TRX-200 (Base/Desktop) radio scanners.

Whistler Wendy, Public Relations Officer for Whistler Group, put out the following statement on Radio Reference community forum:

"Hi guys - I wanted to let you all know that we have discontinued our development on the TRX-100 and TRX-200 as it was not meeting the expectations of the level of scanner we want to bring to you. We have high expectations for our scanners and we never want to disappoint our customers so sometimes we have to make difficult decisions. The good news is we are dedicated to the scanner industry and we already have several other new projects on tap for the future so stay tuned!

Keep Scanning! Whistler Wendy"

Whistler Group has confirmed they will continue provide firmware and CPU updates on all consumers scanners out on the market today.

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