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Scanner Reviews

All Scanner reviews are solely based on users experience with the units listed below. They are not paid in any way for their review of the scanner described below and opinions are based on usability, quality, and programming. 

Whistler - WS1088 (5 Stars)

Pros: Ez-Scan programming very easy to use and customizable for preference of the user, Key-pad for easy access to menu options on 1088, recording of transmissions by channel, ID, or frequency; Easy to upgrade CPU and DSP, Audio quality is very good, able to scan and charge at same time. Portable and very lightweight. 


Cons: Battery Life very short (depending on the usage), Not able to lock keys to prevent from scanner from changing settings, Squelch settings can be easily changed or knocked out of place. 


some of the settings were not easily adjustable and also wished there was an Overall: Great scanner, Audio quality is great as well, wishkey pad lock. Definitely great first scanner for those not familiar. 


5 Stars


5 Stars

Whistler TRX - 2 (5 Stars)

Pros: Ez-Scan Programming makes it very easy to program, customize settings, and update it on your own. Added keyboard on front faceplate allows you manually program it when needed or easily lockout any unnecessary channel when needed. Audio quality is very good (similar to the WS1088). 


Cons: Not able to lock keys to prevent the scanner from changing settings, Squelch settings can be easily changed or knocked out of place. 


Overall: Great scanner, Audio quality is great as well, wish some of the settings were not easily adjustable and also wished there was a key pad lock. Definitely great desktop/base scanner for those who will mainly use it at home or in the office use. 

Uniden - BCD436HP (5 Stars)

Pros: Uniden Sentinel Software is very easily to use and also customizable favorite list to listen to what you hear your area. Micro SD card enables easy forupdate since it’s the brains of the scanner and no need to plug in scanner to update. Portable and Lightweight. Audio quality is great as well. Key pad lock to prevent accidental setting changes. 


Cons: Scanner needs to be off in order to charge, will only run as a ac power source when turned on, PROVOICE upgrade is available with a small fee to access. Battery life is also short as well (depending on the usage) 


Overall: Great Scanner, Charging issue is easily resolvable but could be changed to help the user during portable usage. Took a little bit of research to understand the different settings and how to use it at first, but definitely has it’s benefits as well. 



5 Stars


Bearcat 885


in One

2.5 Stars

Uniden Bearcat 885 Digital CB/Scanner in One (2.5 Stars)


The newest model recently released to the public in the last few months, overall it’s a great design for a scanner and a CB Radio in one, but there are some drawbacks. Here are some of the Pros and cons of this scanner: 


  • Audio quality is great for both scanner use and CB Radio communication

  • Picks up and Decodes P25 Phase 2 very well

  • Beartracker Warning System alerts you when public safety radios are in use within 2 miles from the unit. (Based on low signals emitted by radios)


  • Does not decode Provoice or DMR (Not an option with this scanner)

  • All programming must be done on the scanner (Sentinel Software will not work for this scanner) 

  • Must adjust settings for Scanner Reception use and CB use (In other words, one or the other.) 

  • Not a great scanner for base/home scanner use. Better use in a mobile setting. 

  • Only scans the Group ID in the area in use and does not scan other ID outside of the scanners range

  • Does not display the talkgroup ID for each agency, only displays Police, Fire, DOT, and Ambulance when traffic is detected. 

While it sounds like a great scanner for the price and quality, I believe that Uniden could have done better with creating this scanner in one concept. Although the features worked great like the Warning detector for radio traffic near you, replacing a radar detector for legal use in a car (Definitely helped in few situations). This scanner did not meet my expectations on what Uniden Scanners in the past have accomplished. I think Uniden should go back to the drawing board with this model and maybe come up with another model of the HP series. 


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