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Scanner Tips​

For those who have a digital scanner, here are few tips other users have used to increase their quality of signal and traffic detection: 

  • Digital Scanners receive interference with other devices like computers, tv's, and phones. Suggest putting them away from those devices to decrease chances of picking interference from any of those devices. 

  • You are in a multi-story house or building, to increase your chances of picking up a signal is placing the scanner next to a window, as the signal is no more about the line of site (similar to cell phones) and also try and keep it up on the higher floors than on the lower floors. 

  • If you are able to mount an outside antenna, place it in a clear viewed area away from trees and other buildings, that will allow you to consistently pick up a good signal than a faint signal. Also the higher the better, it will increase your chances of getting a consistently good signal greatly as well. 

    • Prior to buying an outdoor antenna, please check with your building managers, landlords, etc. beforehand to determine if you are permitted to have an outdoor antenna mounted. 

      • Also with outdoor antennas, be aware of the weather (especially during thunderstorms) ensure your antenna is grounded properly. This will prevent extensive damage to your equipment should a lightning strike occur. 

        • Also, be sure to check your antenna cable regularly for ​wear and tear before inclement weather arises. Water can travel down a weathered or open cable and can cause major damage to your scanner. 

  • For Whistler Scanners, Keeping the squelch at 5-7 helps to receive traffic and prevents missing transmissions. The same application works for Uniden scanners, do not turn your squelch all the way down, it will cause you to miss traffic from all over. 

    • Locking out far tower sites will allow for better chances of picking up traffic. (i.e.: If you live in Kailua-Kona, locking out the Hilo, Hamakua, Mauna Kea, Kamuela, Kahua Ranch, and Na'alehu Sites will allow you catch the traffic in West Hawaii more frequently than infrequently.

  • With new digital scanners come a little shorter battery life, average life is about 6-8 hours (depending on usage), it's a good idea to carry a pack of batteries with you in event of a low battery situation if your mobile or carry your charger on hand. 

  • If you live by or drive near a tower site, do not turn on the attenuator (global or local) as that prevent you from receiving traffic on your scanner. The reason is that sites signal will overpower signal over other sites and also prevent your scanner from receiving traffic coming off of other tower sites in or around your area. 

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