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Systems on the Island of Kauai


There is a wide variety of different systems being used on Kauai and many of you are trying to figure what does each system mean for the public. Here's list the different systems used on Kauai and how is that going to affect the everyday scanner hobbyist and the general public.


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For a list of the compatible scanners (brands and models): Click Here to see the list


Kauai County Public Safety System: New Digital Radio System (P25 Phase 1 FDMA) that Kauai Police, Fire, and Emergency Management departments switch to in January 2017. The old analog system has since been phased out and is currently fine-tuning this new system and enabling the many capabilities this system has over the old system. This also leads way for other county departments: DWS, Public Works, Solid Waste, and other county departments to make the switch as well. Analog Scanner users were greatly affected as their scanners went silent and to those who had new digital scanners capable of decoding this system were not affected if they were programmed correctly.


To Learn more about the Project 25 system, Click here to learn more about the digital system and the types used throughout other states. 


State of Hawaii Medicom System: This communication system is used primarily by American Medical Response (AMR), who is contracted for EMS services by the County of Kauai, for Ambulance to Hospital communications to base station doctors or nurses about incoming patients to there facilities or requesting advice on a patient. This system still runs on a conventional system apart from County's Public Safety System and is funded and maintained by the State of Hawaii. Currently undergoing conversion to P25 Phase 1 system in the near future and with the possibility of encryption to protect the privacy of patients under EMS care. (We will update this page once it occurs) 


Still capable of being heard on an analog scanner, but eventually being silenced once upgrades to the new system are complete. 


State of Hawaii Airports: Communications currently at Lihue International Airport currently run under the Project 25 system (P25 Phase 1 system). It's a mixture of Conventional and Digital voice channels similar to how a phase 2 system works. Currently, each airport system runs under a simulcast system under one assigned central tower location on Airport property, allowing for full coverage around the entire airport property. Primarily used only by Airport Police currently, are underway to update the system to include other airport divisions in the future, thus allowing for all divisions to be patched on one channel for joint communications during an emergency. 


To Learn more about Project 25 Phase 1, Click here to learn about the differences phases in the P25 operating system and types. 

Kauai Businesses: Most businesses still operate under analog systems and few businesses have switched to a digital/conventional system since 2010. Most businesses operate low-power radios (similar to consumer 2-way radios) and can be heard on analog scanners. 

To see what businesses radios operate under, visit the Kauai Businesses tab


State of Hawaii Operations: Communication operations vary by department and agency. Currently, most departments still run on an analog system and eventually merging to the Hawaii Islands Region Interoperability Network (a P25 Phase 1 system) in the near future. No timeline on when that will happen, but only a handful of agencies have been integrated into the system and currently using it.


Click Here to view Hawaii Wireless Interoperability System (State of Hawaii P25 Phase 1 system)  

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