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Visiting Hawaii Island Tips

Whether it was weather or beautiful landscape that brought you to Hawaii Island and whether it is for work or pleasure that also brought you here. Here are some important tips to not only make your trip a safe one but also memorable. 

Safety Tips:

  • Check the Weather: With the weather conditions constantly changing on Hawaii Island, it's important to review the weather conditions before head out on your adventure, as you never know what can happen. To view current weather conditions, please click here

  • Driving on Hawaii Island Roadways: If your planning on driving on Hawaii Island, here are some safety tips: 

    • Obey the Speed Limit: While this may sound like common sense, however, speed limits in certain areas are designated low for many reasons. While it maybe tempting 

  • ​If your planing day at the beach, here are some safety tips to remember: 

    • Always apply sunscreen: While Hawaii Island and the State of Hawai'i are known for the sun, it's important to apply sunscreen while at the beach (preferably Oxybenzone Free types) as the sun's ultraviolet rays (UV) can be very extreme on a hot and sunny day. Also, consider packing a brimmed hat, sunglasses, and other clothing that can protect you from the sun rays. 

    • Heed all warning and advisory signs posted: When traveling to the beach, before entering the water, read and heed all warning signs posted as it provides important information that can not only keep you out of danger but also a trip to the emergency room. 

    • Visit a lifeguarded beach, 

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