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All of this had started back on July 5th, 2017, the Hawaii Island Radio Scanner Community was founded and started off as a place for many scanner enthusiasts to come together and provide help to one another with the recent change in radio technology. Our initial group started off as a One-Man-Band operation and continued that way for over 1-1/2 years, then revolutionize and expanded beyond the Island of Hawaii to all islands and to a partial extent covering the Southwest U.S. states of Nevada and Arizona.

In early 2019, the HIRSC Team started the West Hawaii Scanner Feed and continues to maintain it to this day. We had a few unfortunate events that silenced it for a brief period and with the hard work and dedication of our team in West Hawaii. Sadly that services was ended in September 2021.

Also in 2019, our team expanded once again to cover the states of Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and to a lesser extent Western and Central California. Then in late 2019 early 2020, we expanded to include the states of Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana. Also in 2019, Our Weather Team was created with a former meteorologist, geologist, and also weather journalist and have since helped provide updates on major weather events that happened on or would've affected Hawaii Island, which included Hurricanes, Flooding, Earthquakes, Wind events, and Tsunami Threats as well.

Our team continues to slowly grow all over Hawai'i and the Mainland US

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