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State of Nevada

(The Silver State)


Systems of Southern Nevada

There is a wide variety of different systems being used throughout Clark County, Nevada. Clark County is comprised of the following cities: Las Vegas, Boulder, Mesquite, North Las Vegas, Laughlin, and Henderson. All cities are complex in many ways, most of which all varieties of radio types and systems are being used in government to businesses and resorts on the Las Vegas Strip. 

Please Click Here to view current weather conditions in the Southern Nevada area

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Please Click Here to view Radio Codes for Southern Nevada 

Please Click Here to view the laws on scanners in Nevada


For a list of the compatible scanners (brands and models): Click Here to see the list


Southern Nevada Area Communication Council (SNACC): This P25 Phase 1 - 800 Mhz multi-city simulcast system comprised of multiple sites plotted around the Southern Nevada region. The cities of Henderson, Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Boulder, Mesquite, Laughlin, and including the Clark County government operate under this simulcast system. Please click here to view more information on the Southern Nevada Area Communication Council System


To Learn more about the Project 25 system, Click here to learn more about the digital system and the types used throughout other states. 


Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department: This P25 Phase 2 - 700 Mhz system went online back in the fall of 2015. Greatly expanding the radio coverage throughout the City of Las Vegas, particularly areas that suffered major issues in the past with an old analog/conventional system. Due to the mass shooting incident in that occurred October 2017, the LVMPD has officially gone full encryption as of January 2018 and is no longer receivable with any scanner on the market today. 


Clark County Businesses: Business in the Clark County, Nevada region under following types of systems: Analog, DMR, and NXDN. To see the full list, click here to view the full list. 


Las Vegas Strip and Downtown Las Vegas Casinos: Click here to view the full list of casinos with radio systems. 


Clark County Education System: Handful of schools within the Southern Nevada area operate under their own radio system. Most of the divisions operate under the Southern Nevada Area Communications System and have since gone digital. Click here to view the short list of independent systems. 


Clark County Healthcare System: Mainly use for basic behind the scenes operations such as maintenance and engineering departments uses a variety of radio systems (mainly analog). Click here to view the full list. 


Clark County and Las Vegas City Services: Only a handful of agencies around Las Vegas and Clark County uses analog channels across the region. Most have converted to a conventional system and eventually will merge into the same digital system Southern Nevada region is moving towards. Click here to view the full list. 


Southern Nevada Airports: Click here to view all available information for Southern Nevada Region Airports. 


Las Vegas Attractions: Please Click here to view all available information on Las Vegas Attractions






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