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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ'S)

How often is this website updated?

- HIRSC website is updated daily (including our Facebook Page) (mainly our information update page). Information we provide (such as radio system information, frequencies, codes, etc.) is updated as needed. 

Who Takes the Photos used in the backgrounds and graphics used our media platforms? 

- Our main contributor/photographer for photos we use is provided by Benjamin Agdeppa. If you interested in any of the photos you see, please visit Ben's photography business website

- Some photos are from 


What services does the HIRSC team provide? 

- We provide programming assistance and training on basic scanner operations, codes, & radio systems. Our team is very knowledgeable and also here to help you in any way related to scanners. 

What kind of people are apart of the HIRSC team and can I be apart of the team myself? 

- The HIRSC team is composed of multiple volunteers across the State of Hawai'i, Central and Northern Arizona, Southern Nevada, Southern & Central Utah, and Western & Central Colorado. Members apart of the HIRSC team have experience in Public Safety (Fire, EMS, Police/Sheriff), Meteorology, Geology, Reporters/Public Relations Officers, Civil Engineering, and of course in Radio and Scanner Systems. 

Yes, you can. We are always welcoming more people to be apart of our team. If you are interested in becoming apart of the HIRSC team, please Contact Us for more details. 

What areas do you provide programming assistance in? 

- Currently, we only provide in-person programming of scanners on Hawaii Island at this time. We are working to expand this service and will update you as this happens. You are also welcome to send your scanner to us by mail and we can program it to the system you desire, mail it back to you once completed.


Please Contact Us for more information and pricing on our programming services. 

What kind of information does the HIRSC website have?

- We have information on radio frequencies used by businesses, government agencies, and amateur radio users. We also have information on codes/terminology used by many agencies. The HIRSC website also provides information on current weather conditions for our coverage areas, educational videos to help you better understand radio systems or scanners, tips and tricks on scanners, and also resource links.

Our website made to find everything on scanners and radio systems in one place and not meant to replace other websites, as we also assist with providing updates and information to those websites as well. 

Am I able to request information on systems not listed on our website? 

- Yes, Please Contact Us and we will do our best to make it work on our website. 

How do I know what scanners are compatible with systems in Hawai'i, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and Nevada?

- Please view our Compatible Scanners page to view a list of scanners that work with Analog, Conventional, P25 (Phase 1 and 2), DMR, and NXDN. 

Where can I purchase a scanner? 

- Please see the Compatible Scanner page for more information on where you can purchase one. 

What are the current laws on owning a scanner in Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, and Hawai'i? 

- Please view our Laws about Scanners page to view more information on current laws in place?

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